Pura Spa

Customized  Airbrush

Pura Spa® DHA Solution is a great choice for those wanting a darker, natural-looking tan in as little as one hour.  Specially formulated for the Pura Sunless Booth, the trinity mist formulation allows for an even flow pattern, giving you a flawless tan in less time than other spray booths.


The Pura Spa® is the latest in sunless tanning technology.  It is unique in that it offers both clear and bronze solutions, a prep spray (which balances the PH in your skin to prevent any streaking and makes the tan last longer), and over 50 combinations of color levels.


If you prefer your sunless customized, whether you want your entire body sprayed or just certain areas like your face, legs, or tan lines, then our Certified Airbrush Technicians can customize a spray tanning treatment just for you.

Rapid Airbrush

After 1-Hour

Shower in


For a Natural Tan

After 2-Hours

Shower in


For a Dark Tan

After 3+-Hours

Shower in


For a Deep Dark Tan

  • Shower, shave, and exfoliate with a proper body scrub to get flawless results.

    • Note: Avoid using bar soaps or in-shower moisturizers prior to your session as these products can halt the DHA bronzing reaction and/or cause the “orange effect”.

  • Do not wear lotion, deodorant, or makeup during your session.

  • Remove all jewelry during your session.

  • Wear loose, dark clothing and open toed sandals to your session.

Caramel Mist
Workout Ready Mist

Achieve Your Picture Perfect Finish

Choose How Dark You Want To Be

Shower in 1-Hour for a natural tan.  Leave on longer for deeper, darker results.

Rinse with lukewarm water for only 45-seconds.

DO NOT use soap or scrubs.

Following your first shower your tan will continue to deepen in color over the next 24-hours.  You can take a regular shower in 8-16 hours after application.  Results should last 5-10 days without patchiness if well maintained.