The Matrix L33 High-Pressure Tanning Bed


Level V


27 - 820 Watt HP Body Lamps

6 - 1,250 Watt HP Facial Lamps
Session Time: 15 minutes

Tans Fastest, Deepest, Lasts Longest

30,000 watts of tanning power.  It's hectic out there.  Come relax in here and get relief from your busy day.  The Matrix L-33 is one of the most powerful high-pressure tanning bed on the market today.  Only 15-minutes to a more gorgeous you!

Sportarredo MasterSun 360 High-Pressure Tanning Bed
X2 High-Pressure Tanning Bed

Level IV


24 - 800 Watt HP Body Lamps

Session Time: 10 minutes

Drench yourself in vertical bliss in our Heartland X2 Vertical.  Powered by 24 High-Pressure 800 Watt UVA tanning lamps, this incredible bronzing system delivers immediate color for dazzling results in just a 10-minute session.

MasterSun 360®

Level V


23 - 640 Watt HP Body Lamps

4 - 1,540 Watt HP Body Lamps

3 - 1,540 Watt HP Facial Lamps
Session Time: 15 minutes

Tans Really Fast and Lasts Longest

25,500 watts of tanning power.  All of Sportarredo passion and technological achievement are in this unique unit. A new high pressure tanning system provides more homogeneous distribution of UV rays. The Mastersun 360 features an innovative ventilation system that keeps the acrylic cool to the touch and you comfortable throughout the session.

Sportarredo Ringo 1200

RINGO 1200®

Level III


34 -160 Watt Body Lamps

8 - 630 Watt HP Facial Lamps

Session Time: 12 minutes

Uniting both the benefits of high-pressure and low pressure lamps,
combined with an innovative cooling system, the Ringo 1200® is what a high-pressure luxury standup tanning unit should be.  The Ringo 1200® by Sportarredo provides the utmost comfort!

Sportarredo Universe


Level III


52 -160 Watt Body Lamps

2 - 630 Watt HP Facial Lamps

3 - 1530 Watt HP Facial Lamps

Session Time: 12 minutes

The Universe is the perfect combination of RUVA technology and comfort.  The fast, comfortable session gives some of the best results ever achieved.  With a powerful ventilation system and one of the widest acrylic surfaces in its category the Universe® will give you one of the best tanning experience you have ever felt.

Sportarredo Blue Moon


Level II


44 -160 Watt Body Lamps

2 - 630 Watt HP Facial Lamps

2 - 1,530 Watt HP Facial Lamps

Session Time: 12 minutes

The Blue Moon®  offers an elegant design and a powerful 44+4 lamps configuration that gives extraordinary results.With an electric lift top and a state of the art ventilation system, you will stay cool and comfortable throughout the entire session.

Sportarredo Golden Sun


Level I


36 -160 Watt Body Lamps

3 - 630 Watt HP Facial Lamps

Session Time: 13 minutes

A modern, youthful and fun-loving design combined with remarkable performance. The new, more-powerful configuration of Kalfasun lamps installed in the canopy combines excellent tanning results with even lower energy consumption levels.  It offers elegant, innovative detailing such as the luminescent capsule on the upper part of the canopy and the exclusive contoured design of the opening handle.